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Will you walk into any business transaction worth more than $50K, without reliable business / legal support?

Do you think that it is wise to walk into buying a home (average half a million dollars for the DC region) without any professional representation on your side? New home comes with so many legal, environmental, and structural uncertainties.

  • Are you sure that your title is not cloudy because of the sub-sub-sub contractor of the builder isn’t paid?
  • What’s the actual cost of the builders’ in-house lender whom they are promoting so generously?
  • Are there any flexibility in the price advertised on their site?
  • Can you really get that small change that you so desire in the cookie cutter plans?
  • Is that shared driveway really not infringing on someone’s land?

No wonder, many of the home buyers aren’t happy in the end, with what the house they supposedly got built. By keeping us on your side, you will have a fair third party to be your sounding board for real estate practices, negotiation of the price, functionality of the building plan, the value of options, etc.

Oh and by the way, you will pay the same price whether you use a Realtor or walk in yourself !!